2 weeks for $70

Get a test run of our fitness program with no commitment

Are  you looking to workout, get in shape, and have a good time doing it?

Ohhh I got the offer for you! Come try 2 weeks  worth of our fun and varied class workouts for only 70$! No processing fee, or fee fee. This offer is very up front, you drop $70, tag 2 friends in our social media post (for a chance to win a semi-fabulous prize) and you get your 2 weeks of in class workouts.

On top of that if you decide you'd like to roll into a regular membership with us we will discount the rest of your 1st month with us!

Oh wait there is more! If you tag 2 friends in our social media post your entered into a drawing to win a semi-fabulous prize. By now you might be wondering what this prize is... well you'll have to enter to find out! 

That means you can come to any class on our schedule and get your fitness on!

Here is what separates us from the pack:

+ our workouts are scaled to everyone's ability every class so we don't leave anyone behind

+ our classes follow a very specific schedule(warm up, prep, work out, cool down) so that you get the best results and don't get lost 

+ we create a very welcoming environment (we try to minimize the 'New Kid on the block' feeling of starting a new fitness program so you can focus on fitness)

+ our workouts change all the time so you don't get bored and it allows you to learn new skills

+ sometimes we play games like a version of tag for our warm up

+ although we have fun in a welcoming environment we are serious about fitness and helping you reach your goals

+ we teach all the skills and movements we expect  in every class with several different options of each movement 

+ we progress at our athlete's rate and don't just throw you in the deep end

+ we cover all modalities of fitness from body weight movements to barbell lifts and odd objects

the fine print: the 2 weeks of work outs consists of 5 days  a week of training. We count the days as monday through friday . When you sign up and attend your 1st class the clock starts ticking on your 2 weeks whether you attend all  days or not. ex: if you start on monday but don't attend a class on tuesday, tuesdays class will be ticked off from your 2 week count. we do it this way because its fair for both parties, meaning it helps motivate you to attend class as much as possible in the 2 weeks to get the best results and it saves us from an unsustainable business model. At the end of your 2 weeks  we will check in with you and see if you'd like to roll into a regular membership or not.